Tournament Blackjack Strategy

In order to employ a winning tournament blackjack strategy, the tactics involved will differ somewhat to a normal game of blackjack, even though normal games also usually includes other players. Of course, standard rules in both still apply. Even if you sit around a table filled with other players, your gains and your losses remain based on the fact that your hand is superior to that of the dealer without going over 21 & busting.

The rules of tournament blackjack are thus the same; you must always continue to beat the dealer without exceeding 21. However, when you play in a blackjack tournament to win, you should be the player who has won the most chips at the end the game.

In a tournament of blackjack, all players start with the same number of chips. Each player places a bet and the cards are dealt. You win or you lose just as you would with any game of blackjack. Each blackjack player uses his own best strategy for watching the bets of other players and positions themselves to finish among those who have the most chips at the end of the tournament.

There are two types of blackjack tournaments, tournaments and multi table tournaments at a table. The number of turns, as well as the number of hands for each round will be predetermined.

There is a player starting around each table, he begins by betting first, and at the end of each hand, the starting player moves one position to the left. There are set minimum and maximum that are set for each round. At the end of a round, the player who has the most chips on the table then goes to the next round. In the next round, again, each player starts with the same number of chips and this continues until there is more than one winner.

The same rules apply to single table tournaments, except that they are played in one round and the player with the most chips at the end of the session prevails.

Tournament characteristics

The tournaments have few options with which the player must learn before entering a tournament. These options are:

Rotation Distribution – After each hand is completed, the dealer will begin distributing cards to another player.

Starting Rotation – To eliminate the advantage of position, the position of the player who bets first turn clockwise in the direction of the player after each hand is completed.

Placing Secret – In some tournaments, the last card of each hand is secret and is revealed only after each player has finished playing.

Two players per round – the end of each round, this rule allows two players to get to the next round, instead of just one player, as it is more usual to see.

Two players in the first round – the same rule as above, but limited to the first round only.

Re-entry – Some blackjack tournaments allow players to re-enter the tournament once, by repaying the cost of entry.

Elimination rounds – This is a relatively new option in blackjack tournaments. During the elimination rounds, the lowest player balance the is automatically eliminated.

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