Systems Blackjack

The concept of using systems blackjack (any systematic approach that attempts to reduce the house edge in so far as the odds are either balanced or a sustained advantage is achieved) has undoubtedly enormous appeal because Blackjack is a game in which essential skills are of critical importance. In such a game the house advantage is not a fixed value and varies depending on your playing ability.

But mathematical calculations still play a big role, because there are limits with regard to how the house edge can be influenced. The possibility of achieving a fair game is also dependent on the conditions of play. Systems blackjack can make our game as perfect as possible and allow us thus to profit from the weaknesses of the respective conditions of play. On the other hand, a Blackjack strategy works under the normal conditions of play and it can only change the method of our game, but not the cards that chance allows us. The aspect of playing conditions that determines the game is the number of used cards, how many of these cards will be dealt before they are reshuffled, the exact rules according to which the dealer plays and one or two other rules to the player to must adhere to.

Famous blackjack systems

The most famous of all systems blackjack, counting cards, is a very effective way to gain an advantage over the casino, but requires an appropriate table. The counting of the cards is easier with a smaller number of cards, a dealer who isn’t totally concentrating and an appropriate combination of dealer / player rules. So read on if you want to learn the basics of the count!

Most game systems can be immediately rejected as fraudulent. Many games in a casino have an undeniable and unchangeable house advantage. Relatively regardless of individual approach, systematic or not, results in the long-term will be the same. In each game environment it is necessary to distinguish between the long and short term – this applies equally in the assessment of systems blackjack as well as any other systems. A system should provide you with long term benefits, which should also be expressed in more gains than losses in the short term – but you should not assume that you can win every time.


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