Secrets Blackjack

Many people are looking for secrets blackjack that will give them a definitive edge in the game. While there certainly are many techniques that can assist a player & maybe even give them an edge over the house odds, some of the basic secrets directly involve the mindset & disposition of the person playing the game.

Sometimes the greatest secrets lie in the fundamentals of the things we do, so lets look at some of the basic aspects of your attitude when playing & common things to avoid.

1. Have a longer-term view

It is well known in the blackjack world that card counting is one technique that can be employed to gain an advantage over the house. The main fallacy that is often overlooked is the thinking that card counting will lead to immediate huge profits that the lucky recipient can take from the casino.

Card counting is of course using a system that will help determine the probability of cards remaining in the long term. This means that randomness will still play a large part during the course of a session & there is nothing to exclude the possibility that you could still suffer a short term losing streak. Also we know that even excellent systems only produce a slight percentage over the house odds. It is therefore ludicrous to believe that these profits will come instantly. You should therefore take a more long-term approach when using any system, even a profitable one. Stick to your strategy & stay disciplined.

So the real secrets blackjack begin with having a good strategy are to start with a bankroll capable of playing over an extended period of play, don’t expect instant results but have a longer-term view & lastly to stay disciplined throughout.

2. Don’t Fear going Bust

As said at the very beginning, the psychological aspects of this game are immense & need to be overcome if you are going to be successful in implementing any strategy.  People don’t like to lose or put themselves in a position where they will go bust before the dealer plays his cards. Sometimes we think safety even if it is not the right thing to do.

In the game of blackjack “bust” is defined as going over 21. Even know we know it is the right thing to do, some still find it a struggle to “hit” for an additional card because of fear.

But blackjack is based on many predefined statistics. This is why the dealers have no choice in making their decisions; they are already pre-ordained. A player may have reached 16 & decides to “stick” rather than taking another card due to the fear they may bust. But even the dealer will never stand on sixteen but will automatically draw an additionally card.

Some players think it’s better to be beaten by the croupiers than automatically bust themselves beforehand, but in thinking this way, they are rejecting the mathematical odds that state they should draw another card.

So learn the correct moves & do them irrespective of any feelings involved. Gamblers should never be too motivated by feelings as these inevitably lead to losses. Accept the odds & play by them.

3. The Gamblers Fallacy

This is one of the most common mistakes in the gambling world & certainly does not just apply to blackjack, but to all games of chance. Many gamblers will increase their bets following a loss & conversely decrease their wager immediately following a win. They somehow think that after a loss, the odds are now more in their favor of having a win.

This thinking is of course totally false. Every game has its own randomness & that randomness isn’t affected by previous wins or losses. Therefore a player is “just as likely” to win or lose irrespective of their luck or misfortune in the previous game.

The other version of this mistake is players increasing their bets after a win & decreasing after a loss due to their inherent belief this has somehow changed the likelihood for the following game. Again, this thinking is false & is solely based on emotions rather than on cold probability.

I’m sure one of the main reasons why players often do better playing for fun than when playing for actual money, is that their perspective is shifted without them necessarily being aware of it. Real money brings into play real emotions but the moment those emotions start to influence the game, rather than a fixed game plan, doom normally looms around the corner.

Stick with a clear game plan & continually keep yourself in check to ensure that emotion is not running your thinking process.


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