Table Blackjack

The average table blackjack as found in most land-based casinos are approximately 3×5′, semi-circular in shape & covered in green felt. They can normally accommodate up to seven players although the croupier will be happy to commence play even with only one punter. The area on the players’ side is split into rectangular boxes showing the placement for each player. In front of each players seated position are circles where each will place their wager. The minimum & maximum amount of each bet, the payment for a blackjack, insurance & whether the dealer will “hit” or “stand” on a soft 17, will be either signposted or printed on the table. The dealer stands opposite the players in an area known as the “pit”; this area will also be sometimes occupied by a table manager.

Table Layout

Directly in front of the dealer is the area where the dealer hold the chip stacks, a slot where player’s money goes, the shoe containing up to eight decks of cards where the dealers draws each card from & an area for used cards.

It is not essential where you sit at the table as the play is against the dealer rather than against other players who may be present; all therefore have an equal opportunity. Some players though prefer not to be seated first so they don’t feel pressurized into making their decision immediately. For those familiar with the basic strategy, this would make little difference though as the players decisions are pre-designed. Professional card counters often chose to be seated last as this gives them enough time to note the other players cards & to therefore have a slightly better idea of what cards are left in the shoe.

If you place cash on the table, the croupier can then exchange it for chips. There is normally a slot cut into the table blackjack at the side where money will be raked. Once you place your bet in chips you are not allowed to touch it again. The same applies to the cards themselves. Generally the player’s cards are dealt face up & therefore there is no reason for the player to handle them.

Start of Play at a blackjack table

When play is to begin, the dealer will deal out the cards from his left to right in a clockwise direction. If you are new at the game you are allowed to ask the dealer or even ask him to suggest a move. Be aware though that if many people are at the table, they will not appreciate a newbie slowing down the pace of play. Try to make sure you are as familiar as possible with the rules & any blackjack strategies you may wish to employ before beginning. You will find a wealth of information at USA blackjack to help you in this pursuit.


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