Card Blackjack

The game of card blackjack uses a standard set of 52 playing cards, not including the two jokers. Thus blackjack cards are the same as can be expected within any other casino card game.

Actually complete decks or packs of cards contain four major suites, which are spades, clubs, hearts & diamonds. Each suite comprises of ten numbered cards ranging from one to ten & three face cards that are jack, queen & king. Most are made of either heavy paper or card, but those generally used in land-based casinos are made of plastic. For those wanting to get the feel of actual casino cards, there are various outlets that you can find by browsing the Internet, which offer used Casino blackjack cards. Of course, those of you wishing to play blackjack online don’t have to worry about what materials the virtual cards are produced with.

Blackjack number of decks

Card blackjack can be played with a variation of numbers of decks, which differs depending on the casino you play in. While blackjack can be played with only one deck, in order to make card counting more difficult, casinos generally use from two to eight decks which are placed in a shoe, where the dealer draws each card from. The frequency of re-shuffling also differs depending on the casino.

Object of the game of blackjack

The objective in blackjack is very simple although it takes a level of skill to make the correct playing choices. Although you maybe playing alongside other players, the only opponent you need to keep in mind is the dealer as this is a game directly against the house.

You should try to get as close to twenty-one as possible without going over. Depending on the original two cards dealt to you and with knowledge of the dealer’s visible “up card”, the two main decisions are whether to “hit”- take another card, or “stand”- keep your current cards. If either you or the dealer exceed twenty-one the hand is lost, known as “busting”. When you bust you lose your bet irrespective of whether the dealer subsequently loses or not.

If you’re lucky enough to get a better hand than the dealer then the payout is 1:1 with return of the original wager. In the case where both you and the dealer have the same value hand, the game is a “push”, which simply means you receive back your original bet.

A Blackjack

This is the best hand in card blackjack. Also known as “a natural”, it is to receive an Ace plus any ten value card (ten, jack, queen or king) as the first two cards. Providing the dealer does not also receive a blackjack, this hold pays the holder 3:2.


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