How to Count Blackjack Cards

This is part 1 of our seven part series on how to count blackjack cards, where we give a brief introduction into the main interested behind blackjack card counting. For the list of all articles please click here.


We’re happy that you’ve begun reading our comprehensive series in blackjack card counting. Here we’ll go into detail in all aspects of this amazing revolution that has come upon the world of casino games. We discuss the reasons why you should learn, the history of counting and a number of strategies that anyone with the most basic of mathematical skills can master. You may be surprised at my saying that it’s really as simple as 1 + 1.

Introduction in blackjack counting?

Blackjack is undoubtedly the most popular of all casino table games. This can easily be seen by visiting any casino in Las Vegas and you’ll notice the number of blackjack tables and those using them. It’s not surprising then that more money gets spent playing blackjack than its other counterparts.

People love the game of blackjack not just because of its simplicity but also because it is a game that with some degree of skill, a player can obtain advantage over the house. This is the only game you’ll find in the casino where this is the case. But still the vast majority of players fail overall when playing because they have been deceived into thinking the level of play to beat a casino is far beyond them.

Before playing blackjack seriously every player needs to first learn the blackjack basic strategy. This was designed to assist your decisions to hit, stand, split and double etc; this should start as the basis of your game. But the basic strategy only lowers the casinos advantage but can never put it in your favor. This is where card counting comes to the forefront. A system that when covertly used alongside the basic strategy will give you a definite advantage over the house; what’s more, its surprisingly easy to master.

Why card count?

The main difference with blackjack when compared to every other casino game is the mathematical traits surrounding the cards themselves. You may wonder why similar mathematical systems cannot be employed in games such as Craps or Roulette. The reason is that every new roll of the dice or spin of a ball is completely independent of the previous results; the same randomness is produced in every time. But with blackjack, the previous cards do actually make a significant difference for the following cards that may appear. Once certain cards are removed from the deck/s, the probability of remaining cards appearing has altered.

Blackjack pros have statistically calculated the remaining cards that are most beneficial for the player and those that are detrimental. Remembering that the dealer’s decisions are actually governed so they are forced to continue to hit on 16 or less. High cards therefore give more advantage to the player to reach a score close to 21, whereas they mathematically increase the possibility of the dealer going “bust” due to their fixed rules.

Card counting is a technique that will advise the player of the remaining beneficial cards left in the blackjack decks based on those cards that have gone before. If the good cards are over a specific set amount, the player then knows the odds have moved over into his favor. Suddenly the realization has dawned that they have more advantage than the casino and can therefore adjust the betting amount accordingly! Of course, for anyone seriously wanting to know how to count blackjack cards to gain an advantage, this information is indispensable.

Can I master card counting?

There has been a general misunderstanding concerning the intellect required to master card counting. Casinos love the fact that the media have cast geniuses such as the autistic savant portrayed in the film Rain Man as the types of people who can actually count cards. Some advanced books have also discussed card counting techniques, which only the brightest minds with months of continued practice could possibly comprehend and use in a real casino environment. The message the casinos love is, “unless you’re a genius you should forget card counting”.

The reality is actually far from this though. Anyone who can simply plus or minus one point based on a card value can learn to count in blackjack; then given a little practice they should be proficient at this skill.

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