Blackjack Bet

Normal games of chance cannot be completely compared when making a blackjack bet, as much of the final outcome will depend considerably upon the skill of the individual player. This is not merely about the fate of the dice or card that chance may give you. With a good basic strategy & by learning some of the finer nuances of the game you can even stack the odds in your favor.

Throughout this site we will help teach you some of the skills that can help you strengthen your game. Furthermore, our recommend casino sites offer to you the unique privilege of playing for free before you commence your real money blackjack gambling. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the rules, strategy & placing bets before using real money.

Betting in Blackjack

We will just give you a few pointers as to how a blackjack bet is placed within the blackjack game. This is what you are likely to see & experience in a real land based casino. This will be similar to when you play blackjack online although the experience will be virtual!

Firstly decide which table seems suitable for your skill level & pocket. Obviously if you are a beginner it would not be wise to play at a table where the minimum stake could quickly deplete your funds. The table minimum & maximum will usually be shown on a sign located near the table. Make sure to check every time before playing as the table amount will sometimes be changed by the casino management during the course of a day. It is also essential that you feel relaxed during the game. Other players, who are smoking or have a cold or cough, could provide a distraction & affect your concentration.

If you are new to the game you could do one of two things. If there are few customers present in the casino you may even have the opportunity to sit at a table with no other players. In this temporary environment, the dealer will be happy to explain any of the rules you are uncertain of during the course of play. They can also give limited advice on what you should do with any particular hand. Of course, if there are other customers present, they will not appreciate your constant disruption to the game asking questions. Being one of the last to join the table & hence sitting close to the dealer’s right hand will give you ample time to consider your correct move since the dealer operates in a clockwise direction & you will be asked last.

To change your money for chips or tokens, place the money directly on the table. Never attempt to give the money directly to the croupier, as they are not allowed to receive money hand to hand. When you place your money on the table, the dealer can then exchange it for chips.

You will see a circle located directly in front of your seated area; this is where you should place your chips for the next round. Your bet should always be placed before the cards are dealt & once the bet has been placed you are not allowed to touch it.

Check the cards you have been dealt, remembering also to pay attention to the dealer’s up card, which is the only visible one. With these two pieces of information you can decide the best way to proceed. You can “stand” or “stick” on your present hand if you believe it is strong enough, ask for an additional card, known as “hit”. Other options include “double down” to double your current wager, “split” if you have a pair or to take “insurance” where casino rules allow, because the dealer has an ACE.

Finally when the dealer shows his cards & makes their subsequent decision, you will know if you are the victor or not. Be aware that the dealer does not actually have a choice what he will do with his hand. There are fixed casino rules that determine the choice that the dealer has to make, irrespective of the current hands the players may have.

Blackjack gambling online

For those of you playing online you will be presented with a wide choice of tables suitable for your bankroll. Another nice thing is the obvious convenience & that you are able to fully control the environment you play in, after all, you make the choices in your own home. There is no problem with smoking or coughing players when you play blackjack gambling online. Also you can take your time with your choices of play because you are plying against the dealer; but if you enjoy the communal excitement of playing alongside other blackjack players, some of our online casinos also give you that option to play & chat at the same time.

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